Happy mother’s day, our last photo together. missing her since 2005 #ufcmoms

Mike Brown | Uncategorized / instagram | May, 11 2014 | 2 Comments

From My Inst@gram:

  1. Lynda Bartol

    I love the picture, your mother was a wonderful person. I sometimes think of the trip we took to Disney together, we had such a good time, we enjoyed seeing you and Clarence having so much fun. Memories we will always have, take care Mike, maybe some day we can catch up with each other. Love, Lynda

  2. Mike Brown

    Yea Lynda, It was an awesome trip.. First time i ever left New England. First time ever on a plane. So many good memories, … Would love to connect again.. happy mother’s day to you. Say Hello to the family for me, mike

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